Deluxe Pedicure

Designed to Ease & Relax You

We offer 3 choices of high ends, natural herb products for this pedicure packet.  Pearl Spa, Chamomile Spa and On Sen Spa. This pedicure will help soothe arthritis pain, muscles aches, heals dry or damaged skin.  

Soaking your feet with a natural herbal powders to help detoxifies as it softens and cleanses your skin.  Nails shaping & cuticles cares, smooth buff with rejuvenating cuticle oil.  Callus remover treatment.  Natural herb exfoliation with massage. Hydrating mask or paraffin wax dip if you preferred.  (please let your technician know if you prefer paraffin wax instead of hydrating mask). 

Followed by an extra long foot massage promoting good blood circulation and alleviating tied muscles.  Finish up with a polish of your choice.

Extreme State of Relaxation & Dry, Crack Skin Treatment. 
(Extra Long Foot Massage)


Regular Spa Pedicure


****Additional Charge for Gel Color & Designs****

Enjoy a warm aromatherapy jacuzzi soak.  While the skin is rejuvenated, we continue with removing polish, nails shaping, cuticles cares, buffing, mint scrub exfoliation, pumice scrub feet sole care.  Moisturizing lotion with mini massage.  Finish with a warm towels followed by polish.

Chamomile Spa:  Healing, Calming, Soothing, & antibacterial treatment to your feet.  An effective aromatherapy for anxiety.  Soothe stressed skin & aching.

Pearl Spa:  Exotic Beauty Secret from the Deep Blue Seas.  Healing, Anti-aging, Brightening, UV protection.

On Sen Spa:  Heals, Softens, Detoxifies, Reduces Aches.  Detoxify Body and Mind.